AquilaII PCM768Khz  DAC/preamp/headphone amplifier
Product Detail

DA-ART Aquila II is our latest premium All-in-One DAC/Amp/Prefor Personal Audio application. It incurred numerous technologies from ourReference product DA10 including the high precision low noise JIC (Jitter andInterface Control) System, our proprietary FPGA solution to enhance audioperformance by optimized data integrity, de-jitter and minimized digitalartifact before the digital audio signal transmits to the DAC chip.  

The Aquila II measures exceptional well, and it also soundsincredibly resolving and realistic.   Itis designed around the ESS flagship ES9038Pro 32-bit DAC chipset offering768kHz and DSD512 decoding capability. It takes advantage of the new ESS designand facilitates a dual digital processing circuit offering two distinctivesynchronous modes.   The analog audiocircuit has incorporated a high precision analogue volume control to make surethe pre-amplifier and headphone amplifier output preserve every bit ofresolution and dynamic even at low volume level.  

Thekey features are:

●   Proprietary highprecision low tolerance YULONG JIC (Jitter and Interface Control) System:

      o   Optimize data integrity and enhance digitalsignal quality.

      o   De-jitter and minimize digital artifact.

●   Outstanding digitalaudio capability:

      o   Design around ES9038Pro DAC chipset withindustry-leading 32Bit/768kHz and DSD512.

      o   Widely recognized XMOS XU208 solution withcustomized (with license) Thesycon driver to enhance   

           soundquality and stability.

       o All inputs interfaces support DoP64 and DoP128, USB input interfacesupports Native DSD64/


       o   Choices of 3 digital filters to fine tuneyour system for different music genres and personal preference.

●   Custom developeddual digital processing circuit offers unique digital audio options:

      o   Synchronous mode: sounds more engaging andmusical with an analogue presentation.

      o   Asynchronous mode: excels on clarity andlow-level detail.

●   State-of-the-artanalogue implementation:

      o   99 steps digitally controlled analogue volumefor Preamp and headphone output.

      o   DC coupled Class AB amplification, deliversupto 4000mW per channel at 32ohm.

      o   Outstanding headphone performance speciallyoptimized for low impedance headphones, ensure low distortion and outstandinghandling capability even at 160hm loading.

●   All-in-one designwith comprehensive connectivity:

      o   Fully balanced design, low impedance DAC lineoutput, high current preamp and headphone


      o   USB Audio supports MS Windows, macOS,Linux.  

      o   Special attention to enhance support toAndroid and iOS mobile and tablet devices.

●   Multi-stageindependently regulated power supply from two toroidal transformers with lownoise regulators.

●   Intuitive controlthrough single high precision probably-damped volume knob.

●   Seamless, compactand sleek aluminum chassis with large IPS wide angle display, supported byunique claw-style suspension feet.


From technologies point of view, Aquila II is a significantadvancement from the original Aquila, we have revamped the complete digitalaudio design and enhanced performance on both DDC and DAC.  


2.1 JIC (Jitter and Interface Control) System

      This is a digitalaudio technology that will convert the input audio signals into low-jitter I Sbit-stream, apply FIFO input buffering while synchronize with the built-inFemtosecond Oscilators.   The system willthen pulled in and locked the signal by a dual PLL. Our FPGA will distributeand synchronize the signal and then output high quality low-jitter I Sbit-stream through FIFO.

2.2 Dual ESS Digital Processing Circuit

       This will allowuser to switch between two different synchronous modes through on-screen menu:

     Synchronous mode:this is a fully FPGA based digital processing. We have bypassed the ASRC circuit within the ES9038Pro DAC and executedynamic frequency distribution in different sampling frequency range.   All processing are conducted at originalsampling frequency and will enhance musicality with excellent analoguepresentation.

     Asynchronous SRCmode: input signal will be optimized by FPGA and then process by the ESSinternal digital processing circuit. The built-in ASRC function will up-samplethe signal to a higher sampling frequency and will enhance clarity with refineddetails.

2.3 Optimized for MAS (Mobile Audio Source)

     Aquila IIincorporates XMOS XU208 in its USB Audio design and takes advantage of our FPGAbased JIC technologies.   In thisimplementation, we have paid special attention to optimize the compatibilityand stability with iOS devices such as iPad Pro and iPhone, we see MAS (MobileAudio Source) as inevitable norm and shall continue to develop necessarysupport for Android and iOS device as audio source of our DAC/Amp.

5. Technical Specification

USB Audio

PCM:   upto 32Bit/768kHz

DSD:   DoP64, DoP128, Native   DSD64/128/256/512

Synchronous Mode

(Coaxial, AES, Optical)

PCM: upto 24Bit/384kHz

DSD: DoP64 and DoP128

Asynchronous Mode

(Coaxial, AES, Optical)

PCM: upto 24Bit/192kHz

DSD: DoP64

Power Rating (Headphone)

(Measured at THD+N< 0.001%)

Single-ended (6.35mm)











Balanced (XLR4 and 4.4mm)











Frequency Response

20-30KHz (±0.15dB)


0.00025%. (1kHz, 20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

Dynamic Range:   

125dB (20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)


-130dB (20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)


< -120dB

Output Impedance

~2Ω (XLR4, 4.4mm and 6.35mm)

Output Level (Line Out)

Single-ended (RCA) 2.1V

Balanced (XLR) 4.2V

Power consumption



248*210*60mm (LxDxH)


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