CanaryII PCM768Khz DSD512 DAC Class A headphone amplifier
Product Detail

CanaryII Feature


●XMOSXU208+FPGA +Femtosecond clock+ Clock PLL


●SupportIOS, android phones, maclinux win system USB DAC

●DesignInspired by the nature. Extremely detailed.

●Precisionvolume knob with defined texture and turning feel.

●Singlebutton selection and display in a 18K gold plated panel

●Plentyinputs and outputs- USB, Optical, Line in, line out, headphone out

●Canuse as a headphone amplifier or a pure DAC pure preamplifier

●CLCpower filtering and high power conversion

●V_refregulated separately with ultra low noise LDOs

●Fullydiscrete, DC coupled, JFET input class A headphoneamplifier

It is an enormous success for the Canary, our best selling product so far but that did not slow us from making even better products for audiophiles like you.

Here comes the Canary II, a new chapter of the Canary series. It shares lots of superior and proven designs of its predecessor however significant improvements were implemented as a result our years of continuous R&D.

Boasted the latest ESS 9038Q2M DAC chip, USB interface was upgraded to XU208, together with a FPGA based DSP and a femtosecond PLL clocking system with a stunning 200fs   PPjitter. All these latest applications make the performance to a whole new level with the support of DSD512 Native and PCM 782KHz format.

The class A JFET headphone amplifier and the power supply system were fine tuned resulting transparent and natural sounding with excellent control capability with low and mid impedance headphones such as K701 and HD650.

Inputs include USB, Toslink, S/PDIF and analogue line in, and outputs include headphone and line out. USB input is compatible with PC, MAC, IOS and Android system. You can use it in any combinations of decoder, headphone amplifier and a line preamplifier.

A sleek aluminum case with an 18K gold plated décor plate makes it a perfect companion on your desk.


USB input supports DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64/128/256,PCM 16-32bit, 32-384KHz

Coaxial and Toslink input supports PCM 16-24bit44.1-384KHz

S/N ratio:-128dB

Dynamicrange: 120dB


Frequencyresponse: 20-30KHz -0.15dB

Crosstalk: -120dB

Headphoneoutput: 100mW @ 600 Ohm, 200mW @ 300 Ohm, 400mW @ 150 Ohm, 1000mW @ 32 Ohm
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