DA9 DSD 384K balanced DAC headamp  preamp

Product Detail

The Yulong team believes DA9 will be your ideal choice of DAC/Headamp/Preamp solution to be integrated in your audio reproduction system brining you into a brand new level of musical experience.

We did not slow down research when the products are successful in the market. Countless tweaks and tricks were experimented during years of R&D surrounding AKM DAC solutions. These small pieces led to more creative ideas to be experimented, and this journey brings you the revolutionary DA9.
It is worth mentioning that DSD128 and PCM384K are supported through ALL digital inputs of DA9. The state of the art AK4497 DAC chip supplemented by full balance line preamp and Class A, JFET input balanced headphone amplifier makes DA9 your perfect choice for the core of your playback chain.
Elegant, featured, ultra high performance, excellent audio quality, well equipped interfaces – all these elements are backed by Yulong’s highly regarded achievements in design, craftsmanship and sound tweaking.
Digital process is deployed with a SA8804, which supports DoP64、DoP128、PCM 384KHz 24bit through SPDIF and features ultra-low Jitter DSP and precision PLL clocking.
The de-jittered and precision clocked digital signal is then fed into AK4497 with ultra low noise (1.7nV) ADM7150 regulator for its analogue power supply and V_ref.
Ultra low distortion OPAMP OPA1611 and OPA1612 are used in the LPF stage, and followed by a high current low distortion OPA1622 output buffer. The preamp and headphone level is controlled by PGA2311.
50VA Plitron toroidal transformer and 18 groups of low noise regulations provide ultra pure power supply throughout the unit.
Outstanding S/N ration and distortion performance evidences the sophisticated design and layout applications.

USB input is carefully implemented on XMOS U8 and it’s built in switching power supply is disabled and replaced by a dedicated linear low noise power supply. A precise and low phase noise clock feeds the XMOS has its own regulated power. DSD256 is supported via USB by customized Thyscon driver which is well known for sound quality and stability.
The 4 channels of headphone amplifier in DA9 is beefed with features:  Class A, fully discrete, JFET input, constant current biased, heat coupled compensation, carefully adjusted bias and high current outputs. You are guaranteed for exceptional driving capability from in-ear monitor to demanded headphones.

Unique sound modes are selectable to fit your taste of listening. Mode 1 is balanced; and mode 2 is delicate and firm which might be preferred for classical music; mode 3 is laid back with stronger voice presence which might be beneficial to jazz vocal and similar.
Working together with 3 filter modes, you might find lots of interesting combinations to bring your favorite music to a brand new level of enjoyment.

Yulong is well known for the effort in fine tuning the sound. A group of experienced users include audiophiles, electronic and acoustic engineers and recording/mastering studio engineers spent their time in listening and benchmarking in very different environment and equipments and collaborate in the development, guarantees that DA9 not only measures exceptional but also sounds stunning.
You will appreciate the craftsmanship and details such as seamless aluminum housing, real gold plated front panel, composite tiger claw suspension feet and fine knurled knob.

*  Before using DA9, it's better to warm up for at least 15 minutes. Please make sure to allow the air to circulate and to use the headphone with class A to amplify, it is normal that there is a little warm on the surface of  DA9
*  Please use high quality USB cable. Don't connect DA9  via a USB hub, or extension cable (for example most USB ports in the front of tower case).
*  The AC power supply need to be properly grounded, otherwise it is not safe to use, at the same time the noise produced by the the other electrical equipments will be passed to DA9 from power cord, it is also possible that the loop noise will be produced among the grounding wire, PC, USB and DA9

Technical Specifications:
● DoP64 and DoP128 support over SPDIF/Optical/AES
● PCM 384KHz 24bit over SPDIF/Optical/AES
● DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64/128/256 and PCM 16-32bit, 32-384KHz over USB
● SNR: -130dB
● Dynamic Range:  125dB
● THD+N: 0.0003%
● Frequency Response: 20-30KHz-0.15dB
● Crosstalk -120dB
● balanced Output level: 4.2V
●Single-end headphone amp 600ohm:110mW  300ohm:230mW  150 ohm:460mW  32 ohm:2W
●balanced headphone amp 600 ohm:230mW  300 ohm:460mW  150 ohm:930mW  32 ohm:3W
● Power consumption: <30W
● size: 248*210*60mm
● weight: 4Kg

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