About Us

YULONG Audio designs and manufactures high-end audio products with special focused on All-in-One products for home and personal audio since 2009.   We combine leading-edge technologies,rigorous engineering principles, exquisite craftsmanship, and the passion of audiophiles into our R&D process, deploy all available resource and expertise to deliver products that sound good,   measure well and function reliably.


Our Story

YuLong Zhang, our Founder and Chief Engineer, is a talented, experienced and persistent engineer.   He built his own DAC and amplifier back in late 90s and gradually turned his hobby into lifetime devotion.   Over the years, YuLong has gathered musician, mastering engineers, electronic engineers and dedicated audiophiles into his team, playing different roles in R&D, product refinement and production management. The team also actively involved in sponsoring and using YULONG equipment to facilitate on-site setup for live music and musical software events.   The team learned and developed hand-in-hand, established solid understanding of music and music reproduction, and providing check and balance opinion during the long and winding audio tuning process.   

We shall continue to develop new skills and technologies, and deliver All-in-One products that enable audiophiles and music lovers to enjog in their beloved music.   In addition, we shall remain cost competitive.   Our reference products are relatively affordable, and we constantly adopt our technologies to our DA-ART products, a sub-brand we created to serve the younger generation.   


Our Technologies

High Precision Low Noise JIC (Jitter and Interface Control) System

This is our proprietary FPGA solution to enhance audio performance by optimized data integrity, de-jitter and minimized digital artifact before the digital audio signal transmits to the DAC chip.   Our FPGA will convert the input audio signals into low-jitter I²S bit-stream, apply FIFO input buffering while synchronize with the built-in femtosecond oscillators.   The system will then pulled in and locked the signal by a dual PLL. Our FPGA will distribute and synchronize the signal and then output high quality low-jitter I²S bit-stream through FIFO.


Our Engineering

We only have few items in our product line up because right from the very beginning, we want to differentiate ourselves from consumer electronics manufacturers and trail-and-error product developers. We know we are relatively small and with limited resources, if we want to deliver high quality products, we need to plan carefully, stay focus, and eliminate our mistake as early as possible, that's where our Engineering expertise comes in.

We adopt a purist approach to design our audio circuit instead of copying the public reference design. We invest in various professional testing instruments so that we can identify the weakest link in our design instead of collecting beautiful data to impress consumers.   We take power supply design seriously and make no compromise at implementation instead of using cut corners solution to drive down the cost.   


Our Deliverables

YULONG focused on compact All-in-One products that combine high quality DAC, Preamp, and Headphone Amplifier in a compact box.   We are compromise of a small team of engineers and technicians who proud of our own work and devoted to make the best product under limited resource.   Every YULONG product is designed, produced and tested in our facilities, and we are determined to provide reliable support and repair service as long as the required components are readily available.

Our Audition and Refinement Process

Purse for High Fidelity is an attitude, developments of high-end audio product is much more so.   YULONG fully aware that technologies and measurement result is necessarily but not sufficient to ensure our products perform well in different applications, so we always include iterations of audition and design refinement in our product development process, starting from our reference home audio systems to a wide selections of headphones.


                                                               All YULONG products will go through months of fine tune in our audition room

We have devoted significant space and resource to develop audition facilities, and we conduct several months of weekly audition meetings before we finalize the audio design of a new product. Our core team members and guests will listen to our products thoroughly and compare with different benchmark equipment in detail.   With persistence and diligent, our audition practice becomes many a mickle makes a muckle, and the accumulated refinement are nothing short from significant.


                                                               We take Personal Audio seriously, and we build a serious Personal Audio reference system

EmptyName_1.jpg                                                                 Wide choice of headphones and wide variety of software are our indispensable tools

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