DAART Canary DAC jfet input class A headphone amp

Product Detail

Dear music enthusiasts, here comesDAART, a new brand line of Yulong Audio family, which was crafted by collaboration of Yulong and experienced musicians to bring you audio products in fashion and performance, yet very affordable.

Canary, as the first product in this brand, was inspired from flying wings which echoes in its slick and streamlined design

●Design Inspired by the nature. Extremely detailed.
●Precision volume knob with defined texture and turning feel.
●Single button selection and display in a 18K gold plated panel
●Plenty inputs and outputs- USB, Optical, Line in, line out, headphone out
●Can use as a headphone amplifier or a pure DAC
●High performance ESS9018K2M+XMOS U8 solution
●CLC power filtering and high power conversion
●V_ref regulated separately with ultra low noise LDOs
●Fully discrete, DC coupled, JFET input class A headphone amplifier

This is the Canary - your ideal partner on the desktop, a stylish, sleek, and musical all-in-one decoder crafted with details in mind, such as delicate surface treatment, and even an 18K gold plated input indication panel. headphone amplifier is full discrete, FET input DC coupling class A。

It comes with plenty of I/Os such as USB, Optical, Coaxial, line in, line out and headphone outputs. The USB input supports Apple or android phones.

(Apple ios is not supported now. A firmware that works for ios is under development and you can update it through USB once released)

The USB input features proven XMOS solution which supports DSD256 and PCM384KHz. Our years of experience with XMOS plus a custom made low phase noise ensures ultimate performance in music reproduction.

The heart of DAC is based on ESS9018MK2. There are 5 groups of low noise LDOs feeding its digital, analogue and V_ref power supplies for optimized performance. Output features ADA4705 and high current opamp OPA1688 for buffer bringing natural sound and effortless driving capability.

The universal 100-240V external power supply is custom made from a Taiwan based supplier with excellent reputation. Internal power conversion is symmetrical ultra high frequency conversion with special filter and decoupling designs.

The headphone amplifier is full discrete, FET input DC coupling class A design. There is no capacitor in signal path from the decoder to headphone output which might degrade the audio performance. The bias of each stage was fine tuned to satisfy both measurement and listening performance. It has a very low distortion even under high output levels.

A refined knob gives you pleasure to control the volume, and the source selection is done by a button and built in MCU.

A group of auditors, including engineers from DAART, musicians, music producers and critics collaborated their time and efforts making sure the Canary performs not only in measurements, but also the enjoyment of listening experience.

USB input supports DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64/128/256, PCM 16-32bit, 32-384KHz
Coaxial and Toslink input supports PCM 16-24bit,44.1-384KHz
S/N ratio: -128dB
Dynamic range: 120dB
Distortion: 0.0004%
Frequency response: 20-30KHz -0.15dB
Crosstalk: -120dB
Headphone output: 100mW @ 600 Ohm, 200mW @ 300 Ohm, 400mW @ 150 Ohm, 1000mW @ 32 Ohm

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